Collaboration | Assembly & Disassembly | 1:1 Prototyping

The aim of this project was to bring a complete pavilion from initial concept to complete design, fabrication and assembly. The pavilion was exposed in HereEast for the '24 Hours: Living Light' event, as part of the Year of the Engineer and Festival of Architecture.
Inspired by traditional Japanese tea rooms, the project is a lightweight pavilion made from interlocking tiles held in place by tension and friction, tessellating to form a stable structure. Laser-cut geometric patterns on the tiles manipulate light to create intricate shadows which project into the interior of the pavilion, reminiscent of Japanese Shoji paper screens and Arabic mashrabiya.
The Tea Room Pavilion Team consisted of :
Cecilia Capellini, Luke Duncan, Clément Lefebure, Julie Motouzka, and Muse Praditbatuga.

This project was featured in the Bartlett 2018 Summer Show & Book, as well as part the Year of the Engineer celebrations, and obtained sponsorship from Lathams Ltd.
See more from this project in the full portfolio here.

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